Very little Australian chicken meat is exported. This is in part due to high local demand, and in part because international demand is largely met by countries which benefit from a lower cost base than Australia’s chicken meat producers and are, in some cases, supported by government subsidies.

Australian chicken meat is exported primarily to South Africa, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and the South Pacific islands (DAFF, 2011).

Over the five years to 2009–10, poultry production in Australia averaged 857,000 tonnes a year. Over the same period, Australia exported a relatively small share of poultry production to more than 60 countries. Over this period, on average, around 4 per cent of Australia’s chicken meat production was exported, with South Africa accounting for 33 per cent of exports by volume, Hong Kong for 21 per cent, the Philippines for 18 per cent, Papua New Guinea for 6 per cent and Vietnam for 5 per cent (Hogan, 2011).

Increasingly, the bulk of chicken meat exports have been made up of frozen cuts and edible offal (including any other parts of the chicken that are suitable for human consumption such as feet, liver, kidneys etc), reaching over 95 per cent in recent years, with mainly frozen whole chicken making up the rest (ABS customised report for ACMF, 2011).