Goat Meat

Booma Goat meat is an ideal choice for the health conscious consumer, it’s a tasty, lean meat with a full rounded flavor.

Goat meat, is the lowest in calories, cholesterol & fat compared with beef, chicken, pork & lamb.

Our wholesale selection of fresh goat meat ranges from whole carcasses through to individual cuts of meat. Please contact us if you have specific requirements. Products are either M.A.P Packed or Cryovaced.

Cuts Available
The standard cuts available are:
• Diced
• Mince
• Legs
• Forequarters
• Rumps
• Back straps
• Shanks
• Necks
Goat Meat Facts
Goat meat comprises 63 percent of all red meat that is consumed worldwide. Currently, goats are the main source of animal protein in many North African, Middle and far Eastern nations. It is considered a delicacy in many Mediterranean countries and is also important in Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and other tropical regions.
Goat meat is usually sold as Capretto & Chevon.
Nutritional Benefits of Goatmeat
• Goat meat is an ideal choice for the health-conscious consumer, being established as a lean meat with favourable nutritional qualities
• Lower in calories, total fat, saturated fat and cholesterol than other traditional meats
• Goat meat has higher levels of iron (3.2 mg) when compared to a similar serving size of beef (2.9 mg), pork (2.7 mg), lamb (1.4 mg), and chicken (1.5 mg).
• Goat meat also contains higher potassium content with lower sodium levels