Why Australian Lamb?

Australian Lamb retail cuts are value-added, have little or no bone and are well trimmed of fat and waste prior to export. These cuts require minimal handling and no further trimming, which offers maximum yield and significant savings in labor costs at store level. Our different value-added cuts can be supplied case-ready to meet retailer needs. Retailers have the option of ordering only the cuts they want (e.g., a box of boneless legs) in the volumes they require, rather than having to order a full range of carcass cuts.

Australian Lamb is all-natural, grass-fed, pasture-raised, and free of artificial additives and hormone growth promotants—a pure product of its pure environment. Lambs graze on natural Australian grasslands throughout their lives. (If a regional drought occurs, local feeding may, by necessity, be temporarily supplemented with grain, usually wheat and/or oats until the drought is alleviated.)

Let Australian Lamb be your muse. We offer a variety of value-added primal cuts, trimmed and packed to meet your specifications. All cuts are available in user-friendly portions to save time and money. Customers will enjoy knowing our tender, delicious, naturally raised Australian Lamb is free of artificial additives.

Australian Lamb is:
• Free-range and naturally fed
• Free of artificial additives
• Delicious and mild tasting
• Naturally lean and tender
• Trimmed of excess fat and bone
• Vacuum-packed for freshness