The Australia red meat processing sector produces beef, lamb, sheep meat and goat meat for domestic consumption and export along with non-red meat products such as leather.
The Australian processing sector supports the red meat industry by processing meat to satisfy the requirements of domestic and export markets and supporting the livelihoods of Australian families and communities.
Off-farm R&D programs
Australian Export and Trade works with the off-farm sector of the Australian red meat industry to improve processes – making them safer, more efficient, innovative and productive. MLA also aims to improve the quality of red meat products and expand into non-red meat products to enhance the value of the red meat industry to the Australia economy.
Key areas of focus include:
• New technologies
• Occupational health and safety
• Food safety
• Value adding
• Environment
• Eating quality
• Quality assurance
• Supply chain management
Red meat processing capability building
MLA works closely with the off-farm processing sector to build innovation capability therefore contributing to the long-term profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of each enterprise.
Industry partnership
MLA and the Australian Meat Processors Corporation (AMPC) invest levies paid by Australian red meat producers and processors into supporting and fostering industry participation in R&D to maximise the benefits to the red meat industry.